March 2019

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Social Media Tips

Let’s Get Social Social Media 101 For New Brands Building your online presence through Social Media can be simple with the proper preparation and a targeted strategy. Time is priceless, which is why the best Social Media strategies begin with proper framework to maximize efficiency & effectiveness. Below are a few introductory guidelines to consider […]

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Global Trends Digital Marketing & Amazon Specialists

Importance of Content Marketing

The Importance of Content Marketing Content is King In today’s digital world, Content Marketing is quickly becoming a priority among small and large brands alike. This is due to the realization that entertaining, relevant and captivating content has a direct correlation with a brand’s success. Simply put, content marketing means providing your target audience high-quality

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What Is SEO?

Search Engine Marketing Why Focus on SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an incredibly important Digital Marketing technique used to expand the quality & quantity of your website traffic. This is done through organic (free) and paid Search Engine results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. A. Why Focus on SEO? It is crucial for any

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Psychology of Color in Branding for Marketing

Color Psychology In Marketing

Color Psychology in Branding The link between color and perception The psychology of color in branding studies the influence color has on human behavior and decision-making. In Marketing, different colors can positively or negatively impact the way buyers view your brand. Likewise, all brands use colors to persuade. Research has shown that certain colors can

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