5 Things You Must Know
About Facebook's iOS Update

The New 14.5.1 Update

A new month means a new iOS update. On May 3rd, 2021, the new iOS14 update was released for all iOS 13 compatible devices. We have highlighted the top 5 things you should know about the new features, changes, and what you should be aware of before updating.

1. App Tracking Transparency

This new feature will let you control which apps are allowed to track your activity across companies’ apps and websites. This means that when opening an app, you will receive a prompt message that asks you if you would like them to track your activity. You have the option to either allow tracking or to ask the app not to track. This update will make any user feel more secure but, businesses that advertise, optimize, target and report on mobile apps will be affected.

2. Unlock iPhone With Your Mask

Taking off your mask every time you have to unlock your phone can become a hassle! Luckily, with the new update you can keep your mask on while unlocking your iPhone. To get this feature you must enable it in the settings app under Face ID.

3. Apple Maps Update

The new Apple Maps will now crowdsource for accidents, hazards, and speed checks. There will also be a “Report” button that allows you to report any incident. This new feature kind of resembles the “Waze” app that already has the following feature.

4. New Emoji Characters

I mean, who doesn’t love new emojis? The iOS. 14.5.1 update released a bunch of new emoji characters, beards for all gender options, skin tones for couples and they revamped the syringe emoji following the headphones emoji to resemble the AirPods Max.

5. Reminders App

Busy schedule? Don’t worry the reminders app has your back! The new feature offers an option to sort lists by Due Date, Creation Date, Priority or Title. This will make it very hard for you to forget that 8am meeting!

Those are the top 5 updates you should know before making the change to update your iOS. Will you be updating?

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