Epic or Prehistoric?

7 Signs Your Brand Needs a New Website

In today’s digital world, website design is more important than ever. Your brand’s website is your first line of offense in generating leads. Thus, an outdated and non-responsive website will hurt your brand’s chance for success. Below are the top 10 signs your business needs a website update!

1. Your Website Is Not Mobile-Friendly

A responsive website that works great on every device is the stepping stone to a great website. People are increasingly browsing and shopping on smartphones. As a result, a website must be be able to adapt to every desktop, tablet and smartphone. At Global Trends, all of our websites are guaranteed to automatically adjust and look great on screens of all sizes.

2. Your Website Is Outdated

If your last website redesign a decade or more ago, it’s time for an update. For most businesses, our guideline is an update every 5 years. Web design trends are constantly evolving. There is nothing more worrisome for a potential client than seeing a prehistoric looking website.

3. Your Website Is Slower Than Dial-Up

Patience is a virtue, but not digitally. Nowadays, it is expected to have a website that loads quickly. A slow website will frustrate potential clients and increase your bounce rate. Apart from using the best host available, we use website building techniques that allow for your website’s pages to quickly.

4. Your Website Is Lacking CTA's

A CTA – Call Of Action – is crucial in converting visitors to leads, and leads to customers. A CTA is a button, sign up form, clickable phone icon or any other variable on your website that entices your visitors to make an action. Website traffic is irrelevant if your design isn’t optimized for conversions.

5. Your Brand & Website Don't Align

Consistency is key in branding. Furthermore, your brand’s message, logos and color palettes must be consistent across all marketing efforts. Thus, your website needs to send a clear message about your brand identity. It’s time for an update if your company has rebranded since your last website redesign.

6. It Simply Doesn't Look Good

A visually unattractive website will harm your business, regardless if your website has incredible load speed and is fully responsive. A badly designed site will make your business look unprofessional and out of touch with modern clients. Our web design specialists are passionate about transforming stories into visually attractive websites.

7. Your Website Is Difficult To Update

If each minor website update is costly or you cannot easily update content, it’s time to reconsider your digital marketing strategy. We take pride in training all of our clients to make sure they can easily update their website or add a blog post in an timely manner.

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