Who We Are

Full-Service E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Agency

The Global Trends Guarantee

Global Trends is incomparable to other eCommerce & Digital Marketing Agencies as quite simply, we put you first. All of our projects begin with meetings to thoroughly understand your core business and objectives, which is followed by a complete macro-environmental analysis. 

If you have a business or idea, we guarantee we can restructure and optimize it to propel sustainable growth. We live and breathe all things E-Commerce and Digital Marketing 24/7. We perform miracles on a daily basis and there is no greater thrill for us than seeing our strategies come to fruition. With a plethora of of espresso, devotion and focus, we attain real and tangible results.

Our E-Commerce & Digital Marketing services come with measurable & tangible analytic tools, as well as a performance guarantee, as customer success and surpassing expectations will always our main priorities. Ready for your brand to go global? 

Welcome to Global Trends, where creativity, passion and expertise collide!

Providing an outstanding customer experience with tangible results is our driving force. We also proudly only work with one client per industry sector. This allows our clients to be confident our team will always be working towards your goals and not your competitors.


We are team of passionate Digital Marketers and performance-obsessed eCommerce specialists based in Montreal, Canada. We are trendsetters, social butterflies, content-creators, designers, strategists and math-magicians.

Global Trends was founded in 2018, however our story started in 2010 while helping local entrepreneurs amplify their digital footprint. A decade later, we’ve proudly cultivated successful partnerships worldwide. This is due to our unique 360-degree approach that builds brand recognition and increases sales.

E-Commerce & Digital Marketing is constantly evolving in today’s digital era, therefore our diverse team is always keeping up the latest market trends, social networks & online sales channels. Our mission is to provide every business, regardless of size or budget, a personalized & profit-generating strategy.

We specialize in selling on Amazon, Social Media, Website Design and SEO. There is no greater thrill for us than collaborating with entrepreneurs to propel their brand to new heights. 

At Global Trends, we’re in the people business, not just the technology industry. We’ve been expanding steadily due to our transparency, high-value results and ethical service delivery.

We make selling online while growing a digital presence look easy. We help our clients target and influence consumers with the most effective digital and sales platforms. Every aspect of our campaigns are based on creativity and innovation to deliver engagement, awareness and sales. Go global today with our holistic strategy for success matched with our passion and expertise!