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Selling your product or service online is crucial in today’s digital age. Let's launch or expand your online presence.

Full-Service E-Commerce Consulting.

Whether you want to sell directly off your site or marketplaces like Amazon, our team will manage A-Z and create strategies that will drive profitability, boost market share and brand equity.

Global Trends’ services are unique and incomparable from the rest. The key reason is that we provide services for numerous E-Commerce storefronts, as well as manage the Web Design & Development, Social Media, SEO, Brand Strategy, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and more for these stores. Additionally, we own and have launched several E-Commerce brands and know what it takes to run a successful online business, while providing services along the entire value chain.

We understand that succeeding online requires a comprehensive strategy, which is why we provide tailor-made action plans that incorporate other key initiatives. Therefore, our strategy comprises content creation, such as logo modifications, photography and new listing content. Furthermore, we will review your brand’s USP, mission & values, target audience and more. We will tie in our macro environmental analyses with a complete market research to prepare the game plan. Ready for liftoff?



product searches that begin on Amazon. That's more than Google.
1 %
Amazon Prime members. 80% are from U.S. households.
1 M
sellers currently actively selling on the Amazon marketplace
1 M
of buyers are more likely to purchase on Amazon than other online retailers and websites
1 %


E-Commerce Services

Selling your product or service online is crucial in today’s digital age. Above all, whether you want to sell directly off your website or use Amazon or Walmart’s E-Commerce platforms to sell 1P or 3P, selling online provides countless benefits.

We’ll analyze your product offerings, pricing structure and provide techniques to optimize profit. Additionally, we’ll review your competitive landscape, provide the pros & cons of your competitors and provide organic review-generating techniques. Furthermore, we’ll assess your current position in the market, analyze your target audience and provide A SWOT analysis & Action Plan.

There is no greater thrill for us than to join forces with an existing brand to optimize product descriptions, keywords, content and overall marketing and sales strategy.

Do you find Amazon complicated or simply haven’t had the time to launch your brand? With your organizational insight & our market analysis, our E-Commerce specialists will lay the groundwork to succeed on these marketplace giants. Moreover, we’ll provide insight on whether to sell First-party or Third-Party, FBA or FBM, Replenishment Methods, CTR & Conversion Rate Optimization. Also, we’ll tie in our other Digital Marketing Services with your brand to further grow your brand’s online identity.

Firstly, we’ll launch & register your account and provide forecasting & analytic tools. In addition, our team will ensure you have A+ Content, listings that generate sales, optimized keywords and collectively determine the appropriate AMS budget for your brand.

Our team of experts also provide consulting services for clients that attend conferences & exhibitions. We’ll help you design the interior and exterior of your showroom and provide captivating content & visuals. Moreover, we’ll join forces to determine the optimal product selection based on the area of your showroom.