Break Through the Clutter

The Marketing Environment is More Saturated Than Ever

Marketers are good at their jobs, almost too good – and it changed the game. Today’s marketing environment is saturated with brands vying for valuable space in the consumer’s mind.

There are more media channels, messages, and devices in an increasingly competitive landscape. Traditional marketing strategies are now outdated and no longer sustainable.

In an age of information bombardment, it’s more important than ever to understand how to capture consumer attention. How do marketers rise above the clutter?

1. Celebrity Endorsement

Endorsement campaigns, when done right, are very effective. Celebrities can increase brand awareness by putting you on the radar of their existing fans and followers. The right celebrity with the right characteristics that fit your company values can further enhance brand image – their qualities get transferred to your brand. 

The downside of this approach is that any negative actions on the celebrity’s part will be imprinted on your brand as well, so picking the right person for your campaign is crucial.

2. Create New, Immersive Experiences

The chaos in advertising has made consumers almost numb to its wiles. People can sit through an entire commercial without really knowing what it’s about because there are so many distractions. They may be replying to a text, listening to their friend beside them, or scrolling through social media simultaneously. Their time is heavily fragmented; and as a result, so is their attention.

This is why experiential marketing is important. We need to create real-time, immersive moments that hold a memorable impact on the consumer. Sports marketers use this cleverly in an effort to engage fans beyond the stadium and television experience. It makes them feel like they are participating in the brand rather than simply consuming the brand.

3. Utilize All Touchpoints In The Customer Journey

Do you know what a given person in your target audience does in a day? You should. Create personas for typical members of your target and imagine yourself in their shoes. What time do they wake up? Do they have a morning coffee? How do they commute to work? Where do they go for lunch? 

When you know all possible touchpoints at which they can come into contact with your brand, you know exactly where to place your product. It would save you the trouble of putting ads in buses when your target market takes the car to work.

4. Stand For Something

Patagonia’s entire business plan is built upon anti-consumerism ideals in a time of surging industry waste and environmental pollution – and people took notice. The brand amassed its following through this point of differentiation and continues to be top-of-mind in conscientious consumer circles. 

Ben & Jerry’s is another prime example; the owner’s long-standing fight for civil rights has placed the brand in the middle of the Black Lives Matter Movement, and the company stands taller for it. These brands succeed because they understand one thing: in a world of advertising clutter, you need something bigger than a marketing stunt.

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