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Business Intelligence

Drive your business on the road to success.


We will make your business data driven, improving business performance by discovering competitive advantages.

Industry and Competitive Insights.

Take advantage of our expertise in sourcing, managing and executing your brand ambassador strategy to skyrocket your social presence!

Specialized in Business Intelligence, we have excellence in gathering data, analyzing and interpreting results, and building and implementing a new strategy for your business. With our business intelligence tools, Global Trends guarantees to to provide product, promotional, placement and pricing insights that will elevate your business.

Which product should I sell? Where should I sell it? How can I improve my SEO strategy? Why am I paying monthly inventory surcharges on my Amazon FBA products?

Whether you are a new or established business, our Business Intelligence softwares will provide key data to prepare an action plan, while providing answers to all of your questions. 

Our data spans across several social channels, retailers and websites, enabling us to analyze your micro and macro environment to prepare a plan of action based on statistics, facts and opportunities.


Business Intelligence Statistics

of Organizations Think That Data Discovery and Visualization are Vital.
1 %
of Businesses Already Use a BI Tool as a Core Part of Their Business Strategy
1 %
The Global Business Intelligence Market by 2025
$ 1 B
of Business Leaders Agree That Big Data Will Significantly Change The Way That They Do Business
1 %


B.I. Services

Our team are strong advocates of using data and facts to help drive business success. After we understand your business goals, we’ll begin data gathering & visualization and data interpretation to strategize an action plan that has the foundations to succeed.

It’s a proven fact that no business can succeed without a high-quality and differentiated product that is competitively priced. The product offered by any company is at its core, and without a strategy to support it, you might sell a product that isn’t aligned with your brand goals. With that in mind, bringing a new product to market or even redesigning one requires a lot of data gathering and analysis through our Business Intelligence services.

  • Product Reviews: Are there any improvements to be made? What is your product’s unique selling proposition?
  • Product Development: With your business goals and our insights ands sales & marketing expertise, our specialists will identify new products destined for success.
    • Suppliers: Let us help you cut costs by finding the perfect supplier match to your business through our advanced supplier outsourcing software.
    • Marketplaces: Do you know where your target audience shops? Which sales platform is most appropriate for your type of product? Leave it all to us; we’ve got your back!
    Pricing: How to correctly price your product/service, guaranteeing sales and a significant profit margin?
    Niche Opportunity Finder: Who is your audience? Are you selling your product to the right market?
    Competitor Analysis: Who are your direct competitors? How to have an advantage in your industry?

Are you planning on selling or currently selling on Amazon, Walmart or Wayfair but can’t figure out how to optimize your listings, advertise effectively or find better warehousing and shipping methods?  Luckily, as E-Commerce consultants, we’ll take care of the entire operational side of your business while helping you sell efficiently and upgrade your product’s:

  • Listing Quality
  • Organic Sales from Amazon/Wayfair Searches
  • Brand Credibility
  • FBA Costs and Fees
  • Daily Sales & Revenue Monitoring
  • Review Generation
  • Inventory Management
  • Advertising

Selling your product or service online has never been easier. Especially after coming across our innovative Business Intelligence consulting, you will have your entire Shopify business audited, analyzed, and carefully redesigned to boost your sales.

  • Lead Generation
  • Tailored Website Features
  • Fix Technical Issues
  • Email Automation

Guaranteeing a reliable warehousing service will save any business owner from future headaches. Promptly dispatched orders and a thorough fulfillment process is a must when it comes to customer satisfaction. However, we agree that finding the perfect warehouse for your business can be tricky and time-consuming. Fortunately, we are here to make things easier!

  • Warehousing Logistics
  • Third-Party Warehouse Outsourcing
  • Shipping (Logistics, Labelling, etc.)
  • Confirming Product Dimensions & Shipping Profitability

Global Trends has cracked the code on how to grow your online business and optimize your product listings, and we are ready to share it with our clients. Our extensive knowledge of Search Engine Optimization allows us to analyze your current SEO strategy and make necessary changes to boost your ranking on search engine platforms. As a result, we guarantee more website visibility and increased sales conversions.

  • Keyword Generated Lists
  • SEO for Product Listings (Amazon, Shopify, Wayfair)
  • Optimization of Websites