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Connecting with the right content creators will build credibility, amplify awareness and inspire Sales.​

Tailor-Made Influencer Strategies.

Take advantage of our expertise in sourcing, managing and executing your brand ambassador strategy to skyrocket your social presence!

As the world around us becomes more digitally connected, we have seen the rise of brands collaborating with influencers, also referred to as brand ambassadors or content creators. Influencers are a powerful marketing tool to help your business grow its online presence, increase brand awareness, and convert more sales.

We have seen  all of our clients, regardless of industry, incorporating Influencer Marketing to enhance their online presence . At Global Trends, our approach goes beyond just extra likes and comments on your social posts. 

Our team of experts create targeted influencer campaign strategies that start by identifying the audience, finding content creators that resonate to your target market and niche, and finally connecting both parts strategically and creatively.

Are you struggling to come up with a solid and pertinent Influencer Strategy for your business? We got you covered! At Global Trends, we have cracked the code and broken down all the steps to a successful Influencer Campaign that resonates and engages.

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Influencer Marketing

of Women Use Social Media for Purchasing Advice
1 %
of Online Consumers Rely on Influencer Recommendations
1 %
The Influencer Marketing Industry Estimate by 2022
$ 1 B
of Brands use Instagram for Influencer Marketing
1 %


Influencer Services

After being strategically outsourced and carefully handpicked based on your brand’s image and goals, the influencer(s) in charge of promoting your brand will create relevant and creative content through different social platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Our team will perform an evaluation of the collaboration success by using KPIs like engagement rate, impressions, leads and conversions.

The advantage of collaborating with an influencer is that you will have someone with authority and relevance within their niche in charge to promote your business. With a large loyal following, influencers usually have expertise in advertising to their audience by speaking the same “language” and knowing what will spark their followers’ interest and create a buzz around your brand.

Every e-commerce brand can benefit from influencer marketing. Influencers help promote your online store by showcasing it to their audience, which drives traffic to your listings. Furthermore, content creators can provide unique coupon codes or affiliate marketing links, which helps track the ROI of influencer marketing campaigns.

Collaborating with content creators is the new norm. As a matter of fact, 9 out of 10 brands currently use some form of influencer marketing. Content creators help foster credibility through product explanations or brand testimonials.

There is no better way to strengthen your content creation strategy. Nowadays, influencers can boost your social presence through new media options. For example, Instagram and Facebook Live, IGTV, YouTube and TikTok are all great options to reach new customers through video marketing. Alternatively, content creators can help with giveaways, product launches, promotions and more!

If done strategically, it’s nearly impossible to see a return on media value like we see using influencer marketing. According to the latest reports, influencer marketing generates an equivalent earned media value of 18$ per 1$ spent. It’s also crucial to set goals when working with influencers, whether it’s sales, brand awareness or lead generation.