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Photography & Video Production

Lights, camera, go global!


Connect to your audience and win new customers through creative and personalized storytelling.

Custom Content Creation Strategies.

Bring your campaigns to life with A+ video and photo content. Build brand awareness, increase engagement and improve conversions.

By combining innovating digital technologies with our expertise, our team will craft and deliver a top-rated and high-quality image production to help your company elevate its visual communication assets. What better way to introduce and sell your business than through an outstanding production video? The truth is, no modern marketing strategy can thrive without photography and video content nowadays.

Creativity. Passion. Expertise.

In today’s digitally-driven era, written content and stock photos are not enough to engage and attract attention. Videos are an engaging form of easy and enjoyable content to consume and share across social media platforms. 

In this $135 billion industry, more brands are acknowledging the power of video as a marketing tool and adopting video content and top-notch photography production into their game plan every day.


Photography and Video Statistics

of Businesses Use Video as a Key Marketing Tool
1 %
of People Prefer to Watch a Short Video to Learn About. a Product or Service
1 %
Videos Estimated to Watched per Second by 2022
1 M
of Businesses Received More Website Traffic With Videos
1 %


Photo & Video Services

Don’t have a content marketing strategy yet? Don’t panic; that’s where we come in! Allow us to elevate your marketing by creating unique photo and video content that power results from concept development to post-production.

With most digital consumers preferring video content instead of written format, most businesses are already adopting video marketing as part of their online strategies. With that in mind, how can your business stand out? By using animation, we trigger viewers’ attention while creating an emotional connection with your brand. At Global Trends, we create personalized video animations that translate your brand’s voice into a fun and entertaining video format.

Your visual content is what sells. Our digital specialists have experience bringing ideas to life through photography to connect businesses with people in an innovative and meaningful way. By giving a personal touch to every client, we believe that adding high-quality photography content to businesses’ strategies is essential to tell our client’s stories while creatively selling their product/service.

  • E-Commerce Photography
  • Food Photography
  • Product Photos
  • Social Media Content
  • Event Coverage
  • Lifestyle Photoshoots

Whether you own an existing business or have just launched a start-up, having a video marketing plan is an integral part of any business strategy. We proudly produce short films that attract new leads and convert them into new customers, bringing rewarding results for all of our clients. We will help your business successfully walk through all of these steps, from content planning to editing and strategically delivering the final product.

  • Product Demo
  • Branding Videos
  • Company Overview
  • Event Videos
  • Educational/How-To
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Promotional Short Films
  • Social Media Teasers
  • Storytelling