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We'll develop a unique organic & paid SEO strategy to grow your online presence, while driving key traffic.

Organic & Paid Search Engine Strategies.

SEO/SEM are two of the most cost-efficient however often-overlooked methods to reach your target audience when they are ready to purchase.

Search Engine Marketing and Optimization are crucial final – but often forgotten – steps for a business in any industry. Once your brand strategy, target audience, content, website, industry trends and competition are determined, Global Trends will develop a unique organic & paid SEO strategy to grow your brand’s online presence.Our SEO analysis has found a direct correlation between an Increase in Rankings and Increase in Sales. Whether you’re a start-up or existing brand, our SEM specialists will prepare a tailor-made Ads Account Audit & SEO strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an incredibly important Digital Marketing technique used to expand the quality & quantity of your website traffic. This is done through organic (free) and paid Search Engine results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.t is crucial for any brand to be visible & optimized on Google. Your target market is willingly searching for you, rather than being bombarded with intrusive marketing methods, such as Advertising or Commercials. Understanding the variables Search Engines consider when determining their rankings is crucial to have your brand’s website rank on the first page of Search Engines.



Google's market share of all global desktop search traffic
1 %
Click-Through Rate of the #1 website link on Google's search results
1 %
Search queries per second on Google on any given day


SEO & SEM Benefits

After being strategically outsourced and carefully handpicked based on your brand’s image and goals, the influencer(s) in charge of promoting your brand will create relevant and creative content through different social platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Our team will perform an evaluation of the collaboration success by using KPIs like engagement rate, impressions, leads and conversions.

Firstly, SEM & SEO places your highly relevant & valuable ads in front of your target audience. Also, since you’re reaching your target audience when they’re ready to buy, SEM/SEO greatly increases the quality of your leads. Furthermore, being ranked on the first page of Search Engine’s result page is priceless, as it drastically increases your visibility. 

Brand Awareness is a main benefit of SEM & SEO. Above all, your website will receive much more exposure if you rank high on a search engine. Furthermore, ranking on the first page for targeted keywords associates those words with your brand and more importantly instills trust.

An optimized SEO/SEM campaign that ranks you on the first page of Google provides constant exposure to your brand, increasing the likelihood of sales at any given moment. Consequently, your rankings stay on the web forever. Therefore, once you rank high on search engines, you have the opportunity to increase your website traffic constantly & promote your business at all hours.

SEO/SEM is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies, as it targets users who are actively searching for products/services like yours, providing quality traffic that is much more likely to convert into sales.

Quite simply, Search Engines prefer websites that are easy to navigate and that are mobile-friendly. Consequently, mobile is the future of online shopping. As a result, websites that provide an excellent User-Experience (UX) are easier for search engines to crawl and users to find content on your website as well.