Search Engine Marketing

Why Focus on SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an incredibly important Digital Marketing technique used to expand the quality & quantity of your website traffic. This is done through organic (free) and paid Search Engine results on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

A. Why Focus on SEO?

It is crucial for any brand to be visible & optimized on Google. Your target market is willingly searching for you, rather than being bombarded with intrusive marketing methods, such as Advertising or Commercials.

Our SEO analysis has found a direct correlation between an Increase in Rankings and Increase in Sales. Whether you’re a start-up or existing brand, our SEM specialists will prepare a tailor-made Brand Audit & SEO strategy.

B. The Components of SEO

C. The SEO Algorithm

Understanding the variables Search Engines consider when determining their rankings is crucial to have your brand’s website rank on the first page of Search Engines.

When someone enters a search query into a Search Engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo), these search engines have a crawler. This is a program that browses the World Wide Web in order to create an index of data. This index is then placed through an algorithm that tries to select the most relevant websites based on your search.

Finally, Website/Content Optimization is the final step in SEO. Optimization has many steps. For example, relevant content,  title tags, keywords and meta descriptions. Also, internal links further showcasing your brand.

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