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Digital Marketing begins with a modern, captivating & user friendly Website. Whether you need a new website for your brand or need to give your current website a refresh, Global Trends has the capabilities for any project you may require.

With nearly half the world’s population using social platforms, having a strong online presence is more crucial than ever. We’re experts in increasing engagement, brand awareness and conversions with target audiences and managing everything involved.

A well-executed brand strategy is what separates the “Apple’s” vs the “Blackberry’s”. Proper branding provides a competitive advantage by properly integrating your products, core values and benefits to your target audience through captivating content.

Selling online is more important than ever with today’s increasing demand for online shopping. Whether you want to launch on Amazon, optimize your listings/keywords, register your brand or need help with fulfillment, we’ve got you covered.

To manage spending efficiently, it’s critical to understand the buyer decision process. We’ll continually optimize your website + landing pages through A/B testing & Conversion Rate Optimization.

Selling online is important, however visibility is vital. We’ll assess your niche, competition and keywords to drive more traffic and sales to your products listed on Amazon. We’ll collaborate to determine a budget that optimizes profit & value.

Costing nearly 66% less than Traditional Marketing, while providing 3X the leads, it’s clear that content is king. Our skilled team will provide a steady flow of quality content such as blog posts, infographics, videos, social media contests and more!

Digital Marketing is not complete without efficient & measurable SEO. SEO is pivotal to successfully reach your target market. We’ll assure that you’re fully optimized to increase online lead through Adwords, Bing Ads, Google Product Listing Ads and more.

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