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Social Media 101 For New Brands

Building your online presence through Social Media can be simple with the proper preparation and a targeted strategy. Time is priceless, which is why the best Social Media strategies begin with proper framework to maximize efficiency & effectiveness. Below are a few introductory guidelines to consider when preparing to build a strong online presence on Social Media.

A. Market Research

  1.  Audience/Demographic Analysis – Your content must be relatable, educational & desirable to your target market. If you want to find your new brand’s audience, you can begin with hashtags that are closely related with your product/service. Furthermore, we recommend liking, commenting and following your potential clients.
  2.  Content – Research the type of content that resonates best with your target market (Videos, Photography, Gifs, Statistics, etc.) At Global Trends, we’ve determined a brand should have minimum 15 posts before really engaging with your target market.
  3.  Hashtag Analysis – Determine the most relevant, as well as unique hashtags, that you will use to promote your brand & gain new followers. Also, a “sweet spot” in terms of number of hashtags needs to be determined. We tend to use between 3-12 for our brands.
Global Trends Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Agency
Global Trends Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Agency

B. Account Optimization

  1. Consistency is Key – It is impossible to build brand recognition and brand loyalty without meaningful, interesting & consistent content. The effectiveness of your Social Media strategy relies on your ability to keep your name & message in your follower’s minds. There is no secret number of ideal posts per day, however we recommend one post a day, minimum. Nonetheless, it is important not to bombard your target market with product/service offerings 10 times a day, as it will have a negative effect on your brand’s image.
  2.  Social Networking – One method of acquiring followers is through collaboration, meaning a “share” for a “share” or allow another brand’s content on your page if they return the favour. 
  3.  Shutout / Paid Shoutout – A popular way to quickly build brand awareness is through influencers. Through organic or paid recommendations, individuals/brands with millions of followers can endorse your brand. We call this a “referral-based” method to build brand awareness, as well as increasing website traffic, obtaining new subscribers and selling your product/service.
Global Trends Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Agency
eCommerce & Digital Marketing Global Trends

C. Third Party Tools

  1.  Social Media Marketing Management/Posting Applications: Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Iconosquare or Buffer
  2. Word Art for Instagram: Canva, FaceGarage or Word Swag
  3. Analytics Tools: Sprout Social, BuzzSumo or Google Analytics
  4. Resize Pictures: Landscape or Instfit

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