The Top Advantages
of E-Commerce

B2C – B2B – D2C

E-Commerce is taking the world by storm. This fast-growing sector is projected to see 6.54 trillion dollars (US) in revenue in 2022, according to Statista. Not surprisingly, it is considered a necessity for businesses in order to remain competitive today. Here are the key advantages of online retail.

1. Global Reach

Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores that rely heavily on location, e-commerce businesses can enjoy the benefits of a global presence. Brands have the ability to expand their target market and reach an international audience.

2. Lower Costs

Online retail has a huge cost advantage over physical stores because you don’t need to spend resources on real estate, store design, store inventory, operational and transactional equipment, and adequate staffing at every location.

E-commerce businesses can hire remote staff and choose drop-shipping options which won’t require a huge inventory. Advertising and marketing costs are also reduced. As a result, you can often offer more competitive prices to customers.

3. Tracking & Retargeting

Data and analytics are powerful tools to drive online sales. The ability to track consumer purchase behaviour, search behaviour, and preferences is something that couldn’t be done with traditional point-of-sales. 

Brands can utilize these consumer insights to target customers who have visited their page, abandoned their cart, clicked an ad without purchasing, and more.

4. Personalized Shopping

E-commerce makes it easier than ever to segment audiences and create email campaigns and landing pages that cater to their interests. This is something that physical storefronts have trouble with, as they are limited to one personification of their store.

5. Readily Available Information

Consumers are increasingly savvy with their ability and desire to make informed purchase decisions. Comparing different brands and spending time evaluating alternatives is an important step in the buyer decision-making process. Online brands can make getting answers easy by having it all in one place, readily available any time someone makes a search.

6. Opportunities For Niche Markets

Where businesses that serve niche markets would have suffered in the past, e-commerce makes it possible. Not only do search engines make it easier for you to reach customers who may be interested in your offerings, it’s also easier for them the find you.

7. Always Open & Always Near

Unlike physical stores that can only perform transactions during opening hours, online shopping can take place at all times of the day, no matter what time zone a customer is in. 

This way, you never miss an opportunity to make a sale. Customers also don’t need to travel to reach your store, which eliminates another barrier that can prevent them from choosing you.

And there it is – the very best that e-commerce has to offer. Are you convinced that your business could benefit from going online? Connect with us and we’d love to help you launch!

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