Top Social Trends of 2022

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The year 2022 is rapidly approaching. Social media management platform Hootsuite has compiled a list of the top 5 Social Trends that every marketing professional should consider incorporating into their business strategy. We at Global Trends have compiled these hot trends so you won’t be left behind:

1. Brand Strategy

Content creators play a massive role in connecting brands with existing online communities in today’s connected world. No, we’re not referring to big influencers who flaunt their worldwide trips and designer items to their millions of followers. Businesses must leverage smaller and more authentic creators to reach more niched and smaller communities on social media.

According to Hootsuite, approximately one billion people use Facebook to participate in groups of various interests. TikTok is allowing more and more users to express their unique yet curious interests. Digital communities are becoming more affluent and more impactful due to this new trend, which translates into a huge market opportunity for marketers.

If you’re wondering, how can you join these impactful communities? Here’s how: digital creators. In terms of how society consumes content now, they are changing the game. With more than 50 million people worldwide identifying themselves as “creators,” don’t miss out on this trend and consider partnering with a digital creator to connect your brand with the right online community.

2. Social Advertising

We are most definitely not referring to your usual Facebook ad. Even though businesses will be spending more on social advertisement in 2022 to stand out and see ROIs, a lot of planning and hard work is mandatory. Around 51.4% of marketers surveyed by Hootsuite have affirmed their paid social budget will increase next year. Our advice? Spend more while spending wiser.

After seeing a significant increase in social investment on non-expected platforms such as TikTok (a rise of 700% from last year), Pinterest, and Snapchat, most marketing specialists focus their social advertisement strategies on these social media. These statistics are crucial to building an effective marketing plan for any business, as research has shown that users in these platforms are more open to consuming advertising.

However, brands have to step up their game when it comes to strategizing within these platforms. To better illustrate, TikTok has an entirely different ad proposal when compared to Facebook or Instagram. While Facebook is overly saturated with businesses, TikTok encourages advertisers to create organic advertising content. With the tagline “Don’t make ads. Make TikToks.”, the platform enables brands to create content that blends into their community, making it easier to consume and not overwhelming its users with dull and commercialized advertisements.

3. The ROI Trend

As most marketers can identify themselves, for the past years, it has been a struggle to measure ROI on their social platforms to businesses outcomes quantitively. However, due to the present pandemic scenario that has forced most businesses to rely on their social presence entirely, more specialists have acquired enough knowledge on how to do so. To better illustrate that, around 83% of marketers surveyed by Hootsuite have reported having more confidence when quantifying their social media ROI.

These specialists have cracked the code and realized that it goes way beyond just measuring direct sales and conversions. Nowadays, they have discovered that social media is the base for every marketing strategy and the most powerful tool for combining paid and organic efforts.

4. Social Commerce

The pandemic has forced businesses from every shape and form to reinvent themselves. Therefore, it is no surprise that in 2022 smaller businesses will invest more in social customer experiences. Meanwhile, larger corporations will heavily explore and test limits on online shopping experiences. Used to a brick-and-mortar reality, strategizing a whole new game plan that would guarantee an engaging online customer experience became every marketer’s top priority.

Online shopping has become the most significant digital trend nowadays. It has shown that customers rely on social media for every purchase stage, from product research to checkout. Around 53.2% of digital users aged 16-24 years rely on social platforms to research brands instead of search engine tools.

5. Customer Care

The frustration of delayed deliveries, waiting on hold for a while to speak to a customer specialist, or receiving a defective item is a headache and a half for us as customers. Now, more than ever, with a shortage of supplies, skyrocketed prices and a lack of staff, we can expect a lot of customer dissatisfaction in the next year.

That being said, it has been reported that 64% of people interviewed in a survey prefer messaging businesses rather than calling. That puts every enterprise under a lot of stress to develop a fast strategy to adapt to improved digital customer service. Consequently, in 2022, marketing specialists will have an even greater need to establish a significant role and reinvent customer service as we know it.

That wraps up our summary of HootSuite’s Top 5 Social Trends that will emerge in 2022!

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