Top Marketing Stats in 2021

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As 2021 comes to an end, we have seen many companies adapting to our “new normal” pandemic scenario in their own way. From tailored digital advertising campaigns to a well-planned SEO strategy, it is no doubt that without an elaborated set of marketing strategies no business will thrive and succeed in today’s digital world.

On that note, Global Trends has selected some of the most important 2021 marketing statistics that you should consider when it comes to growing your business online. 

1. SEO

Have you have ever heard of the term SEO? We can bet you did. Do you know how to apply it into your business in an effective way? If not, don’t you worry, you are not alone!

Only around 64% of marketers invest their time doing search engine optimization.1 In addition, more than 1.3 million businesses benefited from using Google’s advertising tools. SEO is an extremely important tool for your business in order to be visible, rank higher and be found by your target market on search engine platforms, such as Google.

Nonetheless, it is proven that an optimized marketing strategy results in an increased website traffic and, consequently, increased conversion rates. Hence the importance of a qualified SEM specialist or company behind every business.

2. Social Media Platforms

You should never second guess the power of social platforms when it comes to marketing your business. With an estimated number of 3.7 billion active users¹ across all platforms, social media supports the presence of around 42% of the world’s population daily, being, without a doubt, the #1 channel used in marketing in 2021.

Around 82% of businesses are active on Instagram, followed by Facebook(80%) and Twitter(62%). However, most marketers have noticed a higher ROI(Return on Investment) index coming from Facebook(42%) followed by Instagram(31%).

Social media has shaped the world that we know today. From connecting to long-distance friends to receiving worldwide news in a matter of seconds, social platforms have proven its power and magic, specially when it comes assisting businesses thrive. Therefore, nowadays bringing your business into the digital platforms is a must.

3. Content Marketing Strategy

With an increase of 187% in social engagement from 2020, companies are investing in content marketing more than they have ever before! According to Hubspot, around 82% of their research participants actively use content marketing as a marketing strategy.

Content marketing is based on the creation of visual and written media that adds value to your target audience while learning more about your services and products. Therefore, the most used tools for content marketing range from videos and podcasts to infographics and eBooks.

Have you ever incorporated any of these tools into your business? If not, you should certainly consider it once websites that have a blog attract 55% more traffic3 and around 75% of Americans aged 12 or older (approximately 212 million people) are already familiarized with podcasting3, as an example.

Content marketing is a key component in most customers’ decision marking process. Thus, do not stay out of the loop and integrate this powerful strategy into your business.

4. Digital Advertisement

In 2021, as more businesses joined the digital world, we have witnessed an enormous investment increase in online advertising. According to Invoca Blog4, due to the highly competitive advertising landscape at the moment, the average CPA is around $49, while display ads are $75.

With that in mind, optimizing and guaranteeing a targeted strategy in your ad campaigns is key as many businesses are investing in ineffective strategies and believe that targeting the right audience is a big challenge. That confirms in fact that only 22% of companies are satisfied with their ad conversion rates.4

Us at Global Trends take pride in our strategical advertising campaigns, always making sure that every investment in digital advertising will bring brand recognition and, most importantly, sales conversion into your business.

5. E-Commerce

According to Shopify Plus, e-commerce sales are expected to reach 4.5 trillion by the end of 2021. However, it is estimated that around 46% of American businesses still don’t have a website. That translates into a huge opportunity that is missed by millions of businesses, for that reason, assure that your company won’t be part of that statistic!

In order to sell online, a modern, easy to navigate and straightforward website is incredibly important. Specially at this moment in time, where most businesses are shifting their physical presence into fully digital and customers are opting for fully-online shopping experiences. Hence the fact that over 74% of companies surveyed by Yieldify6 already have a website personalization program in place.

With that being said, investing in a practical and reliable website for your business is critical for success and an e-commerce specialist will help you and your business thrive.

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