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Tyros Biopharma

Tyros Biopharma

Tyros Biopharma is a fully integrated, privately held Canadian pharmaceutical company, based out of Montreal, Quebec, that was founded in 2011. They have dared to promote and develop a sustainable growth strategy, in pursuit of their dream to meet healthcare challenges in the areas of women’s health. They flourish by sharing their vision with partners to continuously grow their ever-expanding specialty product portfolio to treat otherwise unmet medical needs in the field of women’s health.

Social Media Marketing

Prepared a social media strategy including customized content, account growth and daily management.

Social Media Advertising

Administered a full-service advertising strategy based on the budget allocated.

Website Development

Developed a well functioning site for a search engine and user experience, that carried through the look and feel of the brand.

Influencer Marketing

Connected and maintained relationships with content creators to increase credibility, build brand awareness and drive sales.


Developed a unique organic & paid SEO strategy to grow online presence, while driving key traffic.

Project Details

An inside look at the end result of a few projects for Tyros Biopharma