Our Projects



Way Too Good is a next-generation health food marketplace that goes beyond your average e-commerce or grocery store. Their focus is on making gluten-free, vegan, organic, and keto food among other specialties available to everyone through a one-stop-shop experience and subscription-based deliveries.

Website Audit

Performed a full analysis of factors that impact the websites visibility for search engines and user experience.

Social Media Marketing

Prepared a social media strategy including customized content, account growth and daily management.

Social Media Advertising

Administered a full-service advertising strategy based on the budget allocated.

Content Marketing

Developed a branded animated video and custom banner images for website.

Search Engine Optimization

Curated content suggestions of specific keywords to use on-site to enhance visibility.

Google Merchant Center and IG/FB Shopping

Set up and maintained Google Merchant Center, Facebook & Instagram Shop

Influencer Marketing

Connected with targeted content creators to raise brand awareness and boost sales.​

Project Details

An inside look at the end result of a few projects for WayTooGood